Safety and health intelligence

1 Wearables/IoT

The number of industrial wearables and IoT devices is constantly growing so selecting the best devices available in the market is becoming increasingly important. That is why we assess, test and validate the performance of the devices for industry-grade use cases defined together with our customers.

We partner with global cutting-edge hardware manufactures to ensure that we provide our customers with truly innovative solutions and timely support. Our current portfolio of validated wearable and IoT devices include smartwatches, smart shirts and 3D cameras.

2 AI Engine

WearHealth’s Safety and Health Intelligence algorithms are continuously learning from data from wearables and IoT devices. By doing so, our customers have access in real time to the best support and insights to empower their workers. The core of our AI engine consists in proprietary AI and Machine learning algorithms based on state-of-the-art cognitive technologies.

3 SaaS Dashboard

The Safety and Health Intelligence platform shows real-time and predictive insights to both workers and OSH managers via customizable dashboards, mobile and wearables apps, and/or reports. These insights include:


in case of safety or health emergencies


to improve workers’ safety and health in real time


to improve productivity by linking health and/or safety factors and operational efficiency.

Innovative Features