Worker 4.0 – Connected. Empowered. Safe. Healthy

An old problem in
the digital age

Even though there have been improvements since the XX century, companies still face major financial, reputational, and productivity losses due to lack of understanding and suboptimal management of safety and health risks from the worker and the working environment.

To solve these problems, it is essential to have context-rich insights in real-time that help prevent the root risk factors that lead to accidents, injuries and absenteeism on time.

The rise of the Worker 4.0

In the XXI century, the focus has shifted from just safety to a holistic view where health plays a major role and the goal is not just to reduce accidents but to avoid all physical and psychological harm at work while improving productivity.

Recent technological advances in artificial intelligence and wearables / IoT make this possible by capturing accurate data from the worker and the working environment in real-time and providing context-rich insights to improve worker safety, health and productivity.